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The number of passengers for the boat is one of the most common questions we receive.

Fire Drill and the Captain’s License allows for six passengers. When we’re not running a charter (taking friends out), we are allowed more as long as we have enough life vests, but when running a charter, it’s just six.

Six includes everyone. A passenger recently reached out about a lap child – you know, like those under two who can sit on your lap in an airplane? I thought that was a great question so I called the Michigan DNR who granted one of the licenses to check just in case and unfortunately, no, can’t do that – six no matter the size.

Another question we often get is… is there a break on cost, it’s just me or me and my buddy… we can’t get six together.

I get it! Getting six people together is tough… especially if you may be one of the few who likes fishing. Unfortunately, here too, it is the same for us to operate the boat no matter the number of passengers. We have the same fuel costs of running out to where the fish may be that day (sometimes 20 miles), slip fee, insurances, maintenance, etc.

Trust me, Kevin wants to go out fishing on Lake Michigan as much as he can! But he has to reign it in to make the numbers work. He originally was going to start with a smaller center console just to cater to smaller groups…. but then Fire Drill became available and off went the center console.

Everyone in our marina and the ones just south and north of us are all in the same boat (pun intended). They’re all for up to six passengers.

In a coming blog post, I will share some lower cost options including local creek guides and a captain who utilizes a trip sharing service with a small boat a few marinas away…. and then of course, there are party boats, just not by us. ┬áBUT a trip on Fire Drill with Captain Kevin is the BEST (sure, I’m biased… but honestly, he is always thinking fish, upgrading equipment, even studying which way Lake Michigan may be flowing that day). Always give us a call or email and we can chat through some options.

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